Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, #StupidSickness

So, I haven't been posting much at all (I need to do much better there), but one of my posts was last year when I was trying to get over my calf injury that sidelined my running for a significant period of time.  During that timeframe, the hashtag #StupidCalf resonated in many of my postings.  Well, I have recovered from my #StupidCalf, but I have moved on to #StupidSickness.  Starting back just before Thanksgiving, I have had some form of chest crud or sinus crud or a combo of both.  I start to recover, or think I am recovering, only to be hit with the next onset.  The latest hit me the weekend after Christmas and had me down for the count. I am still having coughing and sinus headaches but at least I can run these past couple of days.  I tired pretty quickly during these two runs but I didn't care; I was out running.  The great part was that I was able to run with my wife, who rode her bike with me, so at least I had that.

During my Christmas vacation, though, I found out that I had been selected to continue on as a representative for Nuun.  In addition, I was "promoted" from being an Ambassador for Nuun to being a member of Team Nuun.  The number of applications received by Nuun for their ambassadorship program was so overwhelming that Nuun decided to create several levels for their ambassador program and Team Nuun is their mid-level with their Elite Team being the top.  I was pleased and humbled that Nuun asked me to be on Team Nuun - and, of course, I accepted.  The best hydration product out there along with one of the best companies out there, so, of course, I want to represent them! Plus, one of my best running memories occurred because of them when I ran Hood To Coast last year (see Hood To Coast With Nuun)

Come the end of January, I will find out if I am on the Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing Team again for 2015.  No better running specific store out there, folks, and I love representing them when racing, training, and volunteering.  Also, as I have stated before, the Fleet Feet Hsv Racing Team has probably been the best team I have been a member of in my running career.  The level of support I receive from both Fleet Feet and my teammates has been wonderful over the years.

So, while the end of last year and the beginning of this new year has been marred by #StupidSickness,  it also has been brightened by Nuun asking me to be on Team Nuun and, hopefully, my continuation on the Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing Team.  Hopefully, the rest of 2015 is free of any #Stupid hashtags for me and for all of you.

Run on, everyone...