Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

So, here I sit, initially logging on to submit my volunteer work for the Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville Racing Team and then deciding, "What the heck?  Might as well create myself a blog."  I don't have many that will want to read my ramblings but for those who stumble on to here, maybe there will be one tidbit that makes you laugh or that you find the least bit interesting.  I most certainly make myself laugh occasionally.  I am just starting so patience among those that find their way here is appreciated.  Eventually my blog may look pleasing as well as contain pleasing info.  Nothing better to do on a rainy day that goof around on the computer and this is the result.
  Why the fire for the background?  Because it was a nice picture from the templates.  Eventually, I will find one from my true passion, running, that is a small enough file but is big enough so that it does not need to be tiled and the fire will then cease to exist, extinguished by my running.
  Also, eventually, I will get a better template where I can put links to the sponsors of my running, beginning with Fleet Feet Sports in Huntsville.  Until then, ask me about my sponsors and I will tell you all about them.
  Anyway, back to the real world and trying to figure out nifty blogging items...

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